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Who we are?

Dream is not that which you see while sleeping. It is something that does not let you sleep. –

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Has an idea or thought been lingering through the corridors of your mind, depriving you of even some sleep? Bang on – its creativity trying to tell you something. Its a sign that the potential in you is eager to face the world and the world out there is waiting to see what you’ve got.

Vivid culture, breath-taking beauty and awesome people with open hearts, mind-blowing talents, astounding abilities and amazing personalities – God has surely explored all dimensions of his creativity when he created such a land – his own country – Kerala. It is one among the few states that have been open to change – the only constant thing. Keralites – better known as Mallus – gracefully blend their ancient traditions with the latest trends, bridging the gap between the old gen and today’s new gen – the cool dudes. No doubt, Kerala has a rich reserve of vibrant youngsters, with loads of talent and imagination at its best. Our aim is to plough through these reserves and bring out the best in these ‘Machans’.

If you are a talented Mallu who is ready to go into the wilderness of your intuitions, then get ready to unleash the creativity within you and discover yourself. The world now, revolves around comments, shares and likes and we offer you a platform to flaunt your abilities. Its not going to be long before someone tells you – ‘Polichu machu’. Join us and we’ll help you make a space for yourself – Brace up to re-define your identity.

How we got the ball rolling:

The first step to this long journey was back in 2004, as a campus project. When things came into place, this site was officially launched with the commendable efforts and tremendous support of a bunch of gregarious students of the MCA 2002-05 batch at Marian College, Kuttikanam. The inauguration ceremony was a majestic event and the honours were done by the renowned Mr.Balabhaaskar – a fantabulous musician with gifted fingers that grace a Violin.

At the outset, this was a friendship portal. Yes guys, the idea was first ours, Only then did Orkut, FB etc come into the scene. Change is inevitable – be it in the case of technology, arts, sciences or anything under the sun. But the significance of things like social media, creativity and youth empowerment never cease to fade off – and so does this venture, our site which boasts 12 years of success.

Our role in bringing out the best in you:

If you are a Mallu, its obvious that you have some kind of talent that sets you apart from the others. You may be good at enthralling others with your stunning voice or elegant moves. You may be good at wielding your pen to put down incredible thoughts from the depths of your imagination. You may be a tech savvy, a skilled artist or a marvellous musician.

Guys, these gifts are not something that have to be kept to yourselves. Bring it out, let the world know that yes, Kerala’s got talent. Publish your God given talents here as images, text, audio or video. You can even send it in through WhatsApp. There’s an expert panel out here waiting to review the distinct flavours of Kerala’s talent. We’ll publish your content after the review.

What you get out of this:

Simply stated – Exposure is what you get.

Our site is regularly viewed by thousands of eminent personalities, school/college students, film directors, crew members and so on. Whatever you publish will definitely be noticed and circulated. If you’ve got something way beyond the league, its definitely going to be viral and the rest needs no mention.

Each contribution is unique in its own way. This is yet another opportunity for you to discover that hidden talent within you, mould it to perfection and bring it out in flying colours. Lets work towards making Kerala the new ‘Talent Capital’ of first, India, and then the World.

No worries about privacy issues. Your content is perfectly safe with us.

Always at your service:

Feel free to reach out to our help desk for assistance of any sort. The ‘Machans’ here are more than happy to reach out to you – our asset. We’re open 24*7 to any queries about the resources of this site. We also expect your valuable feedback.

Together, we can go down in history! Ready??